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We have combined everything you may need for smudging and energy cleansing into a gift set!

We have combined all of the essentials to assist with rituals, spells and blessings. Our Mini Smudge Kit is perfect for a beginner or even someone at shaman level. Our Mini Smudge Kit is a wonderful introduction to the practice of smudging and can be used for personal purification, energy cleansing, and setting intentions. It provides everything you need to embark on this ancient and meaningful ritual, making it accessible and enjoyable for those new to the practice.

Each Kit includes:

- White Sage Smudge Stick Bundle

-3"-4" Abalone Shell

- 4" Selenite Wand

- Palo Santo Stick

In a White Gift Box

Contents Descriptions and Smudging instructions included!

White Sage Mini Smudge Kit Gift Set Box

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