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This Handmade Polished Rose Quartz

Gemstones Gift Set Collection For Beginners is a beautiful and thoughtful way to introduce someone to the amazing power of healing crystals! Perfect for beginners, this Natural Healing Rose Quartz Crystal Kit contains 6 pieces of polished Rose Quartz that will fill your home with good vibes and promote relaxation and love.

× Features:

Each piece in this kit is hand-polished and comes in a range of sizes.

Formed from pure quartz, each has a unique hue and subtle natural variations, making them totally one-of-a-kind.

In this set, you'll get 7 Rose Quartz gems plus a bonus gift bag included for easy gifting!

~ The set includes:

• Selenite Plate Round Plate 3" × 1pc

Rose Quartz 8mm Bracelet (7.5 Inch) × 1pc

Rose Quartz Tumble x 1pc

Rose Quartz Rough x 1pc

Rose Quartz Tower Point × 1pc

Rose Quartz Pendulum x 1pc

Rose Quartz Heart Pendant × 1pc

Raw Rose Quartz Crystal Kit, Pink Love Gemstone Heart Chakra

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