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Song of India 10 ml. Madurai Jasmine/Mogra Organic Goodness Aroma Diffuser Vaporizer Oil in Amber Colored Glass Bottle.

The power of scent is the guiding principle behind aromatherapy.

The soothing scent of this aroma diffuser oil freshens and delights the mind, body, and soul.

Made with natural essential oils, the oil has relaxing and calming properties.

Nothing beats the beautiful scent of jasmine blossoms and fresh mogra.

Its soft, delicate floral note infuses the ambiance with a lovely lingering fresh fragrance.

Ingredients: Organic essential oils.

Non-toxic and 100% natural.

Packaging: Comes in convenient easy-to-use 10ml glass amber bottles with easy dispensing euro dropper (orifice dropper inset in bottle) caps.

The bottles are LEAK PROOF and of

Organic Goodness Aroma Oil Jasmine


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