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Welcome to this beautiful handmade polished purple gemstones gift set collection for beginners' anxiety and healing!

The first stone, a large Amethyst point is ideal for focus. Place this stone on your sacral chakra and it will help you become aware of your inner power and stimulate your intuition. This stone is also ideal for meditation as it encourages deep relaxation and takes away all tension.


V This gift set is wonderful for both experienced energy workers and those just beginning to explore the world of crystal healing.

It is a perfect starter set that can be used to discover the hidden knowledge and powerful energies of each stone.

Get this handmade polished purple gemstones gift set collection and start your journey to anxiety relief, healing, and manifesting your destinies today!.

The set includes:

• Selenite Plate Round Plate 3" × 1pc

• Amethyst 8mm Bracelet (7.5 Inch)x 1pc

• Amethyst Tumble × 1pc

• Amethyst Rough × 1pc

Natural Healing Amethyst Quartz Crystal Kit, Purple Gemstone

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