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~ This exquisite Handmade Polished Black

Tourmaline Gemstones Gift Set Collection For Beginners will make the perfect addition to any spiritual journey. Black tourmaline is known for its ability to bring protection, purification, balance, and grounding.


W This beautiful Handmade Polished Black

Tourmaline Gemstones Gift Set Collection.

Each of these smooth and elegant stones have been carefully selected and hand polished to bring out the best in their illustrious black hues.

This kit will help you explore the metaphysical world while protecting you from harmful energies and strengthening your connection to the divine.

The set includes:

• Selenite Plate Round Plate 3" x 1pc

• Black Tourmaline 8mm Bracelet (7-7.5 Inch)

× 1pc

• Black Tourmaline Pendulum × 1pc

•• Black Tourmaline Tumble × 1pc

• Black Tourmaline Rough × 1pc

• Black Tourmaline Heart Pendant x 1pc

• Black Tourmaline Tower Obelisk × 1pc


Genuine Black

Tourmaline Crystal.


Genuine Black Tourmaline Crstal Kit For Protection

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