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Size: 10.5"

Material: Soapstone

Skillfully carved from hand mined soapstone, this colourful incense holder is intricately decorated with all seven chakra symbols, each in the corresponding chakra colour. Completely hand crafted by artisans in India, it makes a thoughtful, unusual gift.

Soapstone is most often used for applications where detailed carving is required. Soapstone has a high talc content, which makes it softer and easy to carve. Indian soapstone is available in a variety of natural colors. Unpolished or unoiled, soapstone has a whitish or gray color.

Once polished or oiled, the rich colors and grain patterns in the stone are exposed. Each piece has its own unique character.

Stone carving has a long and rich history in India. Carving skills are passed down through generations from father to son. Today artists use a handheld dentists drill to create the intricate patterns and designs.

7 Chakra Stone Briner with Round Top

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